We all spend so much time in training and education for our careers and interests, yet the majority of us arrive at adulthood with essentially no education in what it takes to maintain healthy, vibrant, and loving relationships. Few of us have family role models that we want to emulate, and we are left on our own to figure out what we have to do differently in our personal relationships.

Fortunately, in a series of landmark studies, researchers have identified what people who succeed in intimate relationships do differently than those who fail. They discovered a core set of emotional habits that are so powerfully positive that, when people have them, they end up having a satisfying long-term relationship 90% of the time.

"What Happens To Happily Ever After?" is a one-day workshop in which facilitators, Kathy Lucy, LMFT and John R. Lucy, PhD present the findings of this indispensable research which are crucial in helping you develop the prerequisites needed to make your intimate relationship thrive. Whether you are currently in a relationship or are single, you will leave this workshop with a new understanding of the skills you need to develop to make love flourish.

This workshop is based on the work of Dr. Brent Atkinson, a nationally recognized speaker, researcher, and therapist. His work has appeared in both professional and popular publications such as The Oprah Magazine, The Washington Post, and Cosmopolitan.

Coming this Fall, time and dates to be determined.